Welcome to the Oasis Community Church Family!

You are probably here because you are either curious about us, or you are shopping for a church. Looking for a church can be a time of excitement and joy, but it can also be bit intimidating.

We are called “Oasis” not just because of the beautiful imagery associated with the word, but primarily because it is our desire to be a place of refreshment in a world that can sometimes feel dry, stale and stagnant. I have been in your position and know how difficult it can be to step into any new environment for the first time—especially church! So let me give you a feel for who we are, what we are about, and what you will discover at Oasis Community Church.

We would love to be your church! I would love to be your pastor!

Blue Skies,

When you make the effort to be with us we know that you will be a bit edgy because either you:

  • Don’t think you will be dressed appropriately
  • Don’t think you will know where to go
  • Don’t think you will know anyone
  • Don’t think you will know what to do in the service
  • Don’t want to be spotlighted.

When you visit with us you will discover some very important facts related to each of these concerns:

  • You will discover a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. It is designed to be that way because the people in our community are casual people. There’s no need to dress up.
  • You will discover that we have people right at the front doors (often outside of the front doors) who will warmly welcome you and direct you to where you need to go. Inside you will discover a group of warm and caring people who will make you glad that you came.
  • You will discover that once the service begins, you will not be spot-lighted! No attention will be directed at you during the service. You will not be asked to stand, speak or do any kind of spiritual gymnastics.
  • You will discover a service that is contemporary and upbeat. Our music is vibrant, lively and very high quality.
  • You will discover a dynamic kids ministry (“UpstreamKIDS”) where your children will not only be safe and well cared for, but engaged in a Bible lesson that will be relevant to their age.
  • You will discover a message from God’s Word that will connect with your life. The message will inspire you and at the same time challenge you.
  • You will discover that if you are running a little too late to eat breakfast before arriving that you can get coffee and doughnuts prior to the service! Just another important reason we are called “Oasis!”