We are called Oasis not just because of the beautiful imagery associated with the word, but primarily because it is our desire to be a place of refreshment in a world that can sometimes feel dry, stale and stagnant. We are a group of people passionate about seeing others come to know the love of God through Christ Jesus.

You will discover a very relaxed and casual atmosphere. It is designed to be that way because the people in our community are casual people. There’s no need to dress up.

You will discover that we have people right at the front doors (often outside of the front doors) who will warmly welcome you and direct you to where you need to go. Inside you will discover a group of warm and caring people who will make you glad that you came.

You will discover that once the service begins, you will not be spot-lighted! No attention will be directed at you during the service. You will not be asked to stand, speak or do any kind of spiritual gymnastics.

You will discover a service that is contemporary and upbeat. Our music is vibrant, lively and very high quality.

Our Ministry Leaders

KIM DRAKELead Pastor
Pastor Drake provides leadership and vision for the church and is the primary teaching pastor. He also serves on the Leadership Team and the Worship team and strives to be servant of all under Jesus Christ.
CARRIE CLOUDChildren’s Director
She comes to the Oasis family with blessed credentials. She is a first grade teacher with a love for children and the Lord. We appreciate the sacrifice and dedication she brings to the position.
BECKI KINGSecretary/Treasurer
She served in the public education system over 30 years as a teacher and technology coordinator and came out of retirement to assist the church with her clerical and record-keeping skills.
As music producer, songwriter with passion about great songs, he views corporate worship as a work of art. He encourages others to be passionate about connecting to God in spirit and truth.