Aimable Mutabaruka of Rwanda

Aimable Mutabaruka is the director of Cross Style Ministries, Rwanda, Africa. Aimable graduated from CSIM (Christ Sanctuary International Ministries) in Kenya, Africa. He studied Christ Centered life-style at Cross Style Bible College, Kisumu-Kenya, Ugunja City in 2002-2003. Returning to Huye, Butare, Rwanda he established Cross Style International Ministries-Rwanda. The Ministry is essentially a teaching and evangelistic ministry. Aimable teaches students and ministers about the way of the Cross. He also travels throughout his region showing inspiring evangelistic films and preaching in local churches, schools and villages. His family covets your prayers for his relentless work to share the gospel among his people.

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Cross Style International Ministries-Rwanda under the leadership of Aimable receives its sole support from Oasis Community Church in Tipton, Indiana.

“Aimable & Claudine Mutabaruka”