The Tithing Principle

Tithing is the practical and consistent way that we put God first in our lives and develop healthy spiritual habits. If I say, “Jesus You are my Lord and God; You are first in my life,” and then put Him last in my budget, that’s a contradiction that cannot be justified in light of scripture. Tithing is the tangible way that we put God first in our lives and clearly establish our priorities and who we are serving. The tithe is not a law to be bound by, but a standard to use as a starting point for those who have been saved by grace.

Statistics Here are just a few statistics of what our nation has done in the past few years by just “giving as they felt led” without application of the biblical narrative.

  • Americans give 1.1 – 1.4% of their yearly income to various causes and charitable organizations. That number has declined by a full percentage point in the last 10 years.
  • American Christians give 1.5 – 3.1% to their church and other charitable organizations. That number has dropped more that a percentage point in the past 10 years.
  • 4 out of 10 church attendees give nothing to their local church.
  • Only 1 out of 10 regular church attendees give a consistent percentage of their income to their local church.
  • The national average of people who tithe to their local church is currently 4% of church-attending Christians.

Those are some alarming statistics that should quickly answer the question as to why our nation is in need of real revival. God clearly does not have our hearts! Also in light of those statistics, you have to ask yourself what would happen if God’s people gave according to biblical precedent? How many lives would be changed? Could we expedite world evangelism and make an impact on world hunger through the church? Could we shine the light of Jesus in our cities and be that light that could not be hid? Could the Church make a big impact on reducing poverty in our nation and the nations of the earth? Could we take care of widows and find a home for orphans as the Bible teaches? The answer to all those questions is YES-YES-YES and YES!

Ways To Give

One-Click Donations

Online giving is available via PayPal or debit/credit card by clicking on the Donate button below or the Donations link above. The Donate button below allows you to make a one-time donation quickly and easily. If you’d like to set up recurring donations simply click on the word Donations at the top of this page to open the Donations form.  Once you’ve filled in in the amount and personal information simply click on the Donate button below the form.

Many of our families tithe by means of cash/check being placed in the offering on Sunday mornings.  THANK YOU! We appreciate your generosity for the purpose of advancing the Good News.

Remember, in order to receive the appropriate documentation you need for tax purposes, your name and address must be clearly identifiable on your check or, if you are giving cash, it must be in an envelope with your name and address on it.

  • Place your gifts in an offering basket during the worship service.
  • Mail your contribution to the church office.
  • Place your gifts in the offering box at the front or rear doors.
  • Planned Giving and other creative means. (This involves designating the church as beneficiary under a will, trust and/or insurance policy, or giving land or personal property gifts.)
  • Please use our Contact Form if you need assistance.

Note: We provide you with a year-end charitable tax statement. The church’s financial statements are audited annually by an independent accounting firm and are available for review upon request.